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Restaurant Fuxbau Stuben

At the restaurant Fuxbau,

we concentrate on the bare essentials. First-class

handicraft, an adventurous

mind and the best ingredients. That's all we need, and luckily also all we want. Additionally,

we just love what we do,

making it easy on ourselves.


That's our way. We have been strictly following it for

years now. At FUXBAU and


How nice that you found us.

Restaurant Fuxbau Stuben

Taste shapes with life experience. At Fuxbau, we have a melting pot of wisdom. It shows in dishes, so precise and grounded it's an homage to the region. That said, we never forget to look beyond our own noses. Only who knows what else is out there knows who they are and who they want to be in the future.

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The Fuxbau and its team are wholeheartedly committed to this region. Those who live and work here simply can’t be anywhere else. And that's why our guests come here and, even better still, do so time and again. Markus Gitterle and his team know how strong this sense of authenticity is. It drives them all year round and gives the Fuxbau the freedom to be completely true to itself.


The restaurant’s closeness to the Arlberg is reflected in the dishes created and gives the Fuxbau the grounding that serves it so well. Be it at lunch times or in the evenings, its first-class cuisine remains authentic and is appreciated by travellers and locals alike.




Narrowness and wideness, shortage and abundance. Who lives here, knows it all and appreciates one and the other. You can't have everything at all times on the Arlberg and, respectively, not at Fuxbau. Making the things that are available ever so extraordinary.

It's a copy of the region

and its peculiarity. You can

not only feel and see the seasons but also learn

to cook and eat with

them, within them.

. And if you would like to take a reminder of the forests, mountains and meadows home with you, our deli with housemade products offers the perfect opportunity to do so.

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Restaurant Fuxbau Stuben

Good things need a room that complies. With the Fuxbau and the Arlberg Lodges, owner and initiator Johann Lassnig created a place that just fits in this region. It fits to the people coming to spend a holidayjust as much as to the ones living here. Both parties are equally important. Luckily food bonds people from here and there. The architecture of the Fuxbau combines shingle façades, a whole lot of natural materials and a view that blends borders between inside and outside. Who cooks with nature needs to be as close to it as possible.


Restaurant Fuxbau Stuben
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