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The Gault Millau guide has its origins – not very surprisingly - in France. Since 1972 the prestigious guide puts it on itself to promote good cuisine, encourage culinary progress and inspire chefs worldwide to accomplish peak performances. At Fuxbau, we have been rated with three toques again. Needless to say, that this confirmation makes us proud.

The first Austrian edition of the guide was released not later than 1980. What´s interesting about it, internationally seen, is that the rating system of the Gault Millau guide makes it possible to compare chefs from around the world. That way, customers and chefs alike can get an overview and share their passion for culinary cross-border.

It makes us very happy that Fuxbau is part of this international community. Especially due to its regional focus, putting the Arlberg, its products and producers on the map. It generates attention and additionally confirms us in the way we have chosen. Alpine cuisine has nothing to do with boredom and monotony, quite the contrary; it has the potential to recreate itself over and over again. Tobias and Markus prove that claim to be true in their monthly changing menu. Nothing is repetitive; everything is changing while always staying connected to the region and the people.

From ibex to mountain trout, from Montafoner Steinschaf – a breed of sheep indigenous to the Alps – to Ländle calf. We stand for premium quality producers, with whom we work side by side, developing and creating products while reviving forgotten traditional ways. With a modern approach – of course. The Fuxbau cuisine is everything but outdated. In the quieter time, between the seasons, we like to experiment, looking at other concepts and adapting our culinary world if needed. That way, we stay exciting, excited and in progress. We do want to keep our three toques in the years to come. Even though, to be honest, the best confirmation is and stays the one from our guests—a priceless feeling.

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